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About Us
Welcome! kickflips is a community run by 2 friends, seashellz && girl_meets_boi, who have an unhealthy obsession with graphics [specifically icons]. Here we will share our various icons and ocassionally do requests. We may or may not have other makers, ya never know.
always credit when you request or take any graphic/icon.
☮ comment when taking or requesting anything.
☮ no hotlinking.
☮ use your manners.
☮ no drama of any kind.

how to credit [use the makers name]; seashellz @ kickflips OR girl_meets_boi @ kickflips
maker; Shelly
aKa seashellz. 20 years old. Lives in Southern California. Taken by the most amazing boy since 10.06.06.

LJ user since 02. PSP user since 03. Photoshop since .. well quite recently! I mostly make icons, alot of those 'trendy bases'. Maybe I'll take some requests from time to time, we'll see
Maker; Kris
AKA girl_meets_boi
20. taken. 3.20.07. complicated. so cal girl. been on LJ since 02 or 03.

I started working with Photoshop around the age of 10-11 and am self taught. Most of my work is cutesy and fun. I'm currently going to school for graphic/web design && loving it so far.
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